The safety of our loved ones is the first aspect we think of when we imagine the house of our dreams. There are few residential centres in Italy that can boast an armed and private supervisory service in permanent service.

Security is an aspect that the neighborhood lives with extreme seriousness thanks to its active supervisory body 24h/7gg that patrol pedestrian paths, cycle and roads to protect all residents and passersby.
Our armed guards are over 12 elements, all taken directly from the Milan 2 area to guarantee the utmost confidentiality and reliability.

The inhabitants can also subscribe to the Telealarm service for their home. In case of infringement or simply of necessity, the supervisory body of Milan 2 will intervene from the central concierge in a few moments.

The bodyguard is equipped with electric cars to intervene quickly, silently and respecting the environment as well as a new radio group that guarantees the utmost confidentiality of communications.

A limited number of residents participate in the coordination of supervision to ensure that all activities are carried out to protect the inhabitants of Milan 2.