Home, School & Church

The district consists of 28 residences and about 2500 apartments, four public schools belonging to the municipality of Segrate and a religious centre.

The Residences

  • 5 terraced residences, usually of 4 storeys, with porticoes and shops
    (Arches, workshops, crafts, bridges, arcades)
  • 4 "Garden House", 12-storey towers featuring a private rooftop pool and gardens on each floor
  • 19 "horseshoe-shaped" residences, 6 or 7 floors

The schools

Immersed in the greenery, the schools of Milan 2 accompany the children of the whole municipality of Segrate in the growth until the high school.
For more information, municipality of Segrate-School section.

  • "Sbirulino" Nursery
  • Kindergarten "Grimm" and Kindergarten "Collodi" (nursery school), the Montessoriana section has recently been inaugurated.
  • Primary School "Rodari" (elementary School)
  • First grade secondary School "Sabin" (middle school)

The Associazione Parenting Milano 2 deals with the coordination between school managers and parents, organizes events and meetings very interesting for all residents. For information, parents Association Milano 2 and Ist. Sabin.

A few steps from Milan 2, reachable on foot at the San Raffaele, is the Liceo Classico San Raffaele.

The Places of worship

The "God Father" Parocchia was founded in 1980 in the center of Milan 2. It concentrates many activities and realities: different choirs (of adults, young people and youngsters), Catechism, Sunday Mass. The pastoral services are available to everyone in a modern and serene environment.
For more information, parish God the Father.

Adjacent to the neighbourhood is the "Mosque of the Merciful", a place of Islamic worship frequented for prayer mainly by families and young people.

In Milan 2 reside more than one hundred Jews, who have their own temple and who carry out an intense religious and cultural activity at the municipal Civic Center.