History & Vision

The story

The Milan 2 District was conceived in the years ' 70 by the architects Ragazzi, Marvelli, D'Adamo, can and Hoffer that on behalf of Edilnord and commissioned by entrepreneur Silvio Belusconi. The four young professionals were called to unite elements of modernity to realize not a set of houses, but a real ecosystem livable.

One of the most innovative concepts was thinking about the separation between cars and people. The cars then leave you on the street and then you live on foot or by bike; The houses and the shops are connected by bridges. The neighbourhood is equipped with bicycle and pedestrian lanes. The accessibility for disabled, elderly, pushchairs is guaranteed throughout the neighbourhood with dedicated or alternative routes.
Some condos are also equipped with lifts on the street floor for access to properties to handicapped people.


The vision of Milan 2 continues today to renew itself, through a path of attention and care of the green, the quality of life, the control of noise and pollution also with a careful care of the essences chosen and the protection of residents, elderly or Disabled, moms and children.

The education to the key concepts for a life in common serene, attentive to the respect of nature and animals, the cleanliness of the rooms, the maintenance of the common areas, the reduction of noise and brightness of the celestial, are just some of Aspects that the residents of Milan 2 share, all aspects that together with the safety of the person and the offer of services to the family contribute to make Milan 2 one of the most beautiful places to live today.