Green & Nature

Wake up in the morning and hear the birds chirping, take a walk in the greenery. Small gestures that will be easy to get used to if you move to our neighborhood and you can not give up.

Milan 2 boasts about 5000 plants and 40 sqm of green per person. There are 2 playgrounds, north and south of the neighbourhood, a football pitch, a basketball court and cycle and pedestrian paths all around the neighbourhood.

Our lake of almost 10,000 sq. m hosts rare and special animals: tuft ducks, Mandarin duck, Brazilian teals, Caroline Ducks, swans and “Tabaccate Morette” in addition to a large presence of koi carp and turtles. There’s no shortage of rabbits, squirrels and moorhens.

Amici del laghetto di Mi2 ONLUS

The “Amici del laghetto di Mi2”, consisting of residents, take care and protection of the animals of the neighborhood, organizes courses in schools, botanical pathways and social activities for kids and adults.

For information: Amici del laghetto di Mi2

Vegetables and agricultural products at 0 Km

At 200 meters from the central concierge there is the Cascina Biblioteca with vegetable gardens, backyard animals and hives from which to buy vegetables at km-0, and honey in which to organize parties or riding lessons.

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Also in the municipality of Segrate there is a GAS (group of Solidarity Purchase Segrate) to make purchases of group of foods produced in Italy at very advantageous prices, but above all of excellent quality.

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