Eagerly waiting

We are eagerly awaiting, the weather does not reassure us for the success of the feast on Saturday and Sunday; Our experienced residents of the greenest district of Milan are closely monitoring the situation while waiting for a ray of sunshine to cheer the weekend! Stay tuned, continue to follow the Milan 2 Social District page to see the latest updates.

However, the Aperilaghetto of Friday is confirmed by 18; In case of rain the event will take place inside.

Few days are missing for the great weekend of Mi2!

Only 20 days to finish organizing everything!

All the associations are in turmoil, each for its part converges to organize the greatest moment of the year.

This year the special event will be represented by the presence of Gianluca Impastato, the standing comedian of TV show Colorado, which will cheer the evening of Saturday, May 25 from about 9 pm. The show is obviously free and will be accessible for all the inhabitants of the district and all those who want to join us on the Feast of Milan 2.

More details are featured on the Milan 2 party.